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Antica cakes

Antica cakes

How it all started…

Although our story begins in 2006, the passion for making desserts has always been present in our family. Even before the Second World War, my uncle went to Zagreb and finished school for a pastry chef, and after finishing school he got a job at the Sheraton Hotel. His wish was to return home and start his own confectionery business, but unfortunately, due to the war, he never managed to realize his dream.

In addition to him, the rest of the family had a gift for preparing cakes, as well as, for example, her husband's mother Marija, who has always baked candies for weddings according to the recipe of her mother, grandmother Nina. After graduating from confectionery school, I didn’t think I would work in the profession. Starting my own business took place through an unexpected set of circumstances when an acquaintance asked me to make him a cake for one occasion.

It was my first step towards the world of confectionery. Although at the beginning I was reluctant because of the uncertainty whether I would be able to do it, my biggest support, my husband Zoran, still encouraged me to do it. That’s how our sweet story started and continues successfully to this day. I named my craft after my daughter Antica, who has been in this story since the very beginning. Today, he participates in various business activities, from making cakes to attending numerous fairs.

Our vision…

It is important for us to keep the quality at a high level, to continue to produce sweets by hand, to remain authentic and to cultivate equal access and love for our products, which we later pass on to our customers.

Our achievements…

Among numerous awards and recognitions, our favorite is the last letter of thanks from the City of Pazin, which was awarded for a special contribution to the protection of "Pazin cukerančić" as an intangible cultural asset of the Republic of Croatia and its promotion at home and abroad. As a confirmation that we have been doing our job for the first ten years, the Recognition of the Istrian Chamber of Trades and Crafts for the contribution to crafts in the Istrian County obtained in 2017 proves it. We also participate in various humanitarian projects and actions, to which we are always happy to respond.

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