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Trail of 7 waterfalls

Trail of 7 waterfalls

The Seven Waterfalls Trail’ will show all of Istria’s mystic beauty in all seasons: its greenery and rich vegetation will leave you breathless during the summer, whilst in the autumn rainfall fills the river and creates an engulfing babble of water, breaking over the rocks. In the wintertime frozen water droplets create an unusual perspective, and the first rays of the sun lure seasonal messengers and the first animals to the light in springtime.

The trail is 13.5 km long and will take you 5 hours to cross it.

Most of it passes along the flow of the Mirna River and close to the seven attractive waterfalls, whilst the start goes through Buzet’strim and walking trail.

The first waterfall that you reach is 5 metres high and the small lake filled by its water is up to 24.4 metres wide. Once first impressions have settled, the second waterfall, a little bit higher, awaits you. The 8 m high and 5.8 m wide Bačva Waterfall forms a slightly smaller lake than the first one, being 12.1 m wide.

Only when you go past this waterfall, will you see the biggest attraction on the trail: the 26.5 m high and 5.6 m wide Vela Peć waterfall.

This is just the right place for a break and for taking a photograph, whilst admiring this giant of the Mirna River.

Further along the trail, the 4 m high and 3 m wide Mala peć waterfall awaits you. The real attraction on the trail along the water is the 12 m high and 7 m wide Kotli waterfall. There is an old mill with a view over the small lakes and waterfalls, which has been preserved in the area, and you should definitely visit Kotli, the newly renovated old village. Don’t forget to bring your swimsuit during the summer months!

From picturesque Kotli, the trail leads to the Ispod stare kave waterfall, next to the quarry. With a height of 7.9 m and a width of 2.5 m, it forms a 16 m wide lake. Following the trail you will soon reach the last 8.20 m high and awesome 35.4 m wide Grjak waterfall, which is also 6.1 m deep.

Start: Buzet
Length: 13,5 km
Difficulty: Difficult

Istra Trails: route

WARNING: The trail has dangerous and demanding sections, and some of them may be too difficult for less experienced users. Use the trail with extra caution and find out about the characteristics of the sections before visiting it. For all the information regarding the trail, contact the Tourist Board of the City of Buzet.

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